Personal injury is a law area that protects individuals from injury that results from another person or party’s negligence, malpractice, or intentional act of wrongdoing.  The Law Office of Gilberto Falcon specializes in litigating the following cases:


  • Trucking accidents: Truck accidents claims must be focused on the truck driver’s negligence and on the trucking companies that fail to meet federal regulations. Trucking accidents involve massive machines, meaning 18-wheelers and tractor trailers.
  • Auto accidents: Victims of a car accident have the right to file personal injury claims and seek compensation. These claims will be filed against a driver’s insurance provider and are prone to debate. As a matter of fact, victims who file claims without legal representation usually don’t get a fair compensation. Drunk driving claims also falls under this category.
  • Wrongful deaths: A wrongful death lawsuit is an option that families who lost someone due to a negligent accident can take. Death is something nobody can prepare for, however when it is not of natural cause, the pain is harder to bear. Going forth with a lawsuit can help families get their closure and some kind of financial compensation entitled by law.
  • Aviation cases: Victims and their families have the right to be represented. Crash cases include commercially licensed airplane and helicopter pilots and trained accident investigators. Regardless of whether you are a survivor of an aviation or have lost a loved one in a tragedy, we will protect your interests.
  • Slip and fall cases: The law requires property owners to ensure that they provide safe and healthy conditions for clients, visitors or guests. If the owner fails to ensure such conditions and his/her negligence result in an injury-causing accident, the victim has the right to file a claim.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to act as promptly as possible. Injury claims highly depend on quick action. Gilberto Falcon Law Office strongly recommends its clients to come forward with their case as soon as possible to reassure a success.