What is a personal injury case?


Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arises when a person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else is legally responsible for that harm. When it comes to personal injury, there are many ways to seek compensation before a lawsuit is filed. And unlike a criminal case, a personal injury case does not require to go to court immediately.

With personal injury, there are two types of cases. With the informal case, the two people involved in the injury case will dispute and resolve the case amongst themselves and with their lawyers, reaching a settlement without ever having to go to court. A formal case involves the two parties involved in the dispute to go to court. There, the lawsuit and grievance is disputed in front of a judge. Unlike criminal cases, the defendant is not taken to jail if found guilty, but instead would have to pay a heavy fine to the plaintiff.

Personal injury cases also have a statute of limitations imposed on them. In Texas alone, the plaintiff only has two years, from the moment the injury is noticed, to file a complaint.

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